Jeff is an executive creative director, global brand consultant, speaker, and writer specializing in brand management, digital marketing, and marketing strategy. With over 20 years in advertising and marketing communications, and a majority in lifestyle and digital marketing, Roach is an experienced strategic marketer for global brands and an expert in Millennial consumers. Jeff loves to work at the intersection of Innovation, Creativity, and Technology, where our digital connectedness can contribute to a better human experience. Jeff has touched over a thousand brands with work for 3M, BlackBerry, Bubblicious, Coca-Cola, Coors, DC Comics, Durex, Energizer, Fujifilm, Geox, Mattel, McDonald's, Microsoft, MINI, MTV, NASCAR, National Geographic, NFL, Nokia, Procter & Gamble, PUMA, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. to name a few. Jeff has presented at SXSW, Adobe MAX, Digital Hollywood, and Digital Kids conferences and is a Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional.

Good marketing goes beyond persuasion. It connects with people and makes their life better in some way. Brands that inspire not only attract you, they become part of your own identity.
— Jeff Roach